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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels in Sedona, AZ

  • By Kris Anderson
  • 25 Sep, 2023
The Best Hotels in Sedona, AZ

Nestled amid the majestic landscapes of Arizona, Sedona captures the heart with its iconic Bell Rock formations and breathtaking horizons. You are immediately greeted by these picturesque wonders and delightful year-round weather when you visit. World-class tourism amenities like the enchanting Sky Ranch Lodge to golf courses and spa retreats, paint a lavish canvas that few destinations can rival.

The wholesomeness of this desert city has had many visitors who stay at the best hotels in Sedona, AZ, often find themselves enamored with the idea of calling this city their permanent home. Do you want to be on vacation all year round? Do you desire to live in a uniquely serene and secluded city that still has all the amenities you require? A home in Sedona could be just what you are looking for.

Tourism and Luxury Living in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a Great Tourist Destination

To understand why Sedona is a uniquely desirable tourist destination, we need to take a look at the city’s location, and more importantly how tourism plays a key role in elevating the economy and quality of life in the city. The demand for tourism has also created an interesting business proposition for homebuyers in Sedona. During peak season homeowners have the option of renting out their homes at premium prices for tourists who flock into the city. Here is why tourism is a huge part of Sedona:

The Investment Perspective

For potential homebuyers and investors, Sedona’s bustling tourism industry underscores its viability as a prime location for investment. With a constant influx of tourists seeking the great location and amenities that hotels in Sedona offer, there’s a palpable demand for quality accommodations and services. Investing here means tapping into a market that appreciates both natural beauty and world-class amenities.

Sedona’s allure isn’t just in its beauty but also in its potential as a real estate goldmine. As tourism continues to flourish, homeowners have the opportunity to list their properties on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, turning their homes into sources of steady income, especially during peak tourist times. The consistent influx of tourists, coupled with growing demand for property, means that real estate values in Sedona are poised for steady appreciation. Moreover, the city’s appeal to a diverse group of tourists, from spiritual seekers to nature enthusiasts, ensures a broad spectrum of potential renters.

Luxury Living

Sedona’s top hotels are revered for their pristine settings and high-end amenities. Similarly, the residential real estate of Sedona exudes a lavish aura. Many properties offer large picture windows and expansive patios, capturing the iconic red rock formations in all their glory. State-of-the-art kitchens, home theaters, infinity pools, and outdoor fire pits are common features in these homes. Furthermore, Sedona boasts homes designed by internationally acclaimed architects, ensuring these high-end properties are a work of art seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings.

Serenity All Year Round

Visitors are often drawn to Sedona for its tranquility and spiritual magnetism. As a permanent resident, this serenity won’t be just a vacation experience but a daily affair. Homeownership often means you’re just a stone’s throw away from beautiful hiking trails, for instance. Beyond physical activity, the spiritual retreats and famed vortexes of Sedona provide avenues for inner exploration and rejuvenation both for tourists and residents. 

Strong Community Vibe

Sedona is always buzzing with activity, from art festivals to spiritual gatherings, allowing homeowners, just like tourists, to immerse themselves in the local culture. This vibrant community ensures that neighbors are not just people living next door; they often become lifelong friends. The community’s tightly knit nature means that many residents come together for community gardening, cleanup drives, and other initiatives that serve the dual purpose of nurturing the land and strengthening communal bonds.

Types of Hotels in Sedona, Arizona

Types of Hotels in Sedona, Arizona

The city offers an array of accommodations tailored to suit every traveler’s needs. As you plan your visit, here’s a comprehensive guide to the types of hotels in Sedona, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your stay.

Luxury Retreats

When you’re in search of an unparalleled experience, the best hotels in Sedona await you. With prime views of landmarks like Cathedral Rock, these accommodations, such as the renowned Sky Ranch Lodge, provide top-tier amenities ranging from outdoor pools to on-site bars. Indulge in a spa experience, enjoy gourmet cuisine, and soak in a hot tub as you bask in the luxury these hotels offer.

Mid-Range Comforts

These hotels are located in tourist-friendly locations, including Uptown Sedona and West Sedona. They offer a balanced mix of comfort and value. With amenities like outdoor pools and saunas, these establishments, including the Arabella Hotel Sedona, provide a serene retreat after a day exploring the nearby Boynton Canyon or the calming waters of Oak Creek.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Sedona

Understanding the bond between travelers and their pets, several hotels in Sedona, AZ, offer pet-friendly accommodations. Whether you’re venturing out to explore the trails around Bell Rock or simply strolling through Uptown Sedona, knowing your pet is welcome and catered to adds an extra layer of comfort to your stay. According to Google ratings, the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock and the Residence Inn by Marriott Sedona are great options if you are planning to tour Sedona with your pet.

Budget-Friendly Options

For the budget-conscious traveler, Sedona doesn’t disappoint. Many are still conveniently located near prime attractions. These hotels provide the essentials without compromising on the quality of your stay. So, even if you’re watching your expenses, Sedona ensures you’re well-placed to explore its wonders. Sedona Real Inn and Suites is a good example of a great budget-friendly option.

Boutique and Unique Stays

Seeking something off the beaten path? Sedona is home to boutique hotels that ooze character. Each with its distinct charm, these accommodations often boast thematic decors, intimate settings, and personalized services, ensuring your stay is as unique as the landscape that surrounds you. Tripadvisor suggests that El Portal Sedona Hotel, Amara Resort And Spa, and the Wilde Resort and Spa are great examples of boutique hotels in the city.

Popular Hotels in Sedona, AZ

Popular Hotels in Sedona, AZ

Sedona’s varied hotel landscape ensures that every traveler, be it a luxury seeker, a budget traveler, or someone in between, finds the perfect place to explore, rest, and rejuvenate. Now that we’ve seen the types of hotels that Sedona offers for its tourists and visitors, here’s a handpicked list of the top 7 best hotels in Sedona:

1. Enchantment Resort

Nestled in the heart of Boynton Canyon, this resort promises an experience like no other. With breathtaking views and a luxurious outdoor pool, Enchantment Resort perfectly captures the essence of West Sedona’s serene beauty.

2. L’Auberge de Sedona

Located on the banks of the pristine Oak Creek, this hotel is a fusion of nature and luxury. The outdoor pool, overlooking the creek, allows you to bask in the beauty of Sedona while enjoying top-tier amenities.

3. Amara Resort and Spa

For those of you wanting to stay right in Uptown Sedona, the Amara Resort and Spa is an excellent choice. Its strategic location ensures you’re close to the bustling city life, yet its tranquil swimming pool offers a peaceful retreat.

4. Arabella Hotel Sedona

Situated between Uptown Sedona and West Sedona, this hotel boasts panoramic views of the iconic red rocks. With easy access to hiking trails and a serene pool, it’s a favorite among travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

5. The Wilde Resort and Spa

Another gem in West Sedona, The Wilde Resort and Spa offers a Mediterranean-inspired escape. Its rooftop terrace provides awe-inspiring views, and the outdoor pool is perfect for those afternoon lounges.

6. Sky Ranch Lodge

This hotel’s vantage point is its selling feature. Located high above West Sedona, it provides unmatched views of the valley below. Whether you’re taking a dip in the outdoor pool or sipping wine on your private balcony, the vistas will leave you spellbound.

7. Orchards Inn Sedona

Positioned in the heart of Uptown Sedona, Orchards Inn offers convenient access to the city’s vibrant attractions. After a day of exploration, the pool, with its majestic views, serves as the perfect spot to unwind.

To Conclude

Summary of Hotels in Sedona

Tourism plays a big part in Sedona’s economy, but also in many ways has contributed to the quality of life in the city. Generally, tourist destinations often have great social amenities that the residents can also take advantage of. This may include great roads, parks, and a vibrant downtown. Overall, the hotel industry has made Sedona a desirable city to live in.

So, if you are looking to purchase a home in a tourist destination with natural picturesque views complemented by great social amenities, Sedona is the place to be. There are a variety of options on the market that cater to families and investors. I Love Sedona Real Estate is an incredible team of property agents who can help you find your ideal home in Sedona. The team is headed by Kris Anderson, a local realtor with 10 years of experience in the Sedona homes market. Contact Kris and her team today about purchasing a home in one of the best tourist destinations in the country.

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Living in Sedona, Arizona

1. What is the difference between West Sedona and Uptown Sedona?

West Sedona and Uptown Sedona are both integral parts of the Sedona experience, but they have distinct vibes. Uptown Sedona is the city’s bustling heart, teeming with shops, restaurants, and some of the best hotels. It’s where most tourists gather, making it vibrant and lively. West Sedona, on the other hand, is more residential and offers a serene escape. It’s dotted with local businesses and eateries providing a more authentic, laid-back feel of Sedona living.

2. Where do people stay in Sedona?

People visiting Sedona have a myriad of options when it comes to accommodations. From luxury resorts with outdoor pools in Uptown Sedona to cozy bed-and-breakfasts by Oak Creek, there’s a place for everyone. The best hotels often offer stunning views of the Red Rocks and cater to various needs, from spa retreats to adventure packages. Whether you’re leaning towards the vibrancy of Uptown or the calm of West Sedona, you’re sure to find a perfect stay.

3. Is Sedona a walkable city?

Yes, especially if you’re in Uptown Sedona. This part of the city is pedestrian-friendly, with numerous attractions, shops, and restaurants located close to each other. Many visitors enjoy strolling the streets, taking in the sights, and feeling the vibrant energy of the area.

4. Do I need a car to get around Sedona?

While Uptown Sedona is easily walkable, if you wish to explore beyond this area, especially the scenic trails, and viewpoints, or want to venture to West Sedona, having a car can be advantageous. However, there are also local transportation options and tour services available to help you explore the broader Sedona area.

5. How’s the weather in Sedona throughout the year?

Sedona boasts a moderate climate that’s appealing year-round. While summers can get warm, the temperatures are often milder than in other parts of Arizona, making it perfect for a dip in an outdoor pool or a trek around Oak Creek. Winters are mild too, with occasional snowfall that adds a magical touch to the red rocks.

6. Is Sedona a good place for investment or home buying?

Absolutely! Sedona’s natural beauty, coupled with its thriving tourism industry, makes it a sought-after location for both investors and homebuyers. The demand for vacation rentals is steady, given the influx of tourists year-round. Additionally, the serene environment, proximity to nature, and well-established amenities make it an ideal spot for those looking to settle down or have a second home.

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